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When it came to selecting the printers for our business, we wanted to be sure that we were getting the best. We spent countless hours researching before taking the plunge and purchasing our great machines, and great machines they have proven themselves to be!

We have strict criteria for longevity of the prints and also require great vibrant colours, and we believe we have found the best printers for this.


Without ink all you would get is a blank piece of canvas....and who wants that? We use genuine Pigment inks that have been specially designed for the printers that we use.


The benefit of Pigment inksets is that they have been formulated with in-built UV protection to inhibit fading. While there are third party inks available at much cheaper prices, our focus is on quality, and we will only use the genuine reputable inks for your prints!


We have invested a lot of time into finding the best overall canvas that will give you the greatest result on your prints.

The canvas that we use is a photographic fine art cotton (70%) polyester (30%) blend canvas. This canvas is manufactured in the USA and is a nice bright white, which when combined with our ink, provides brilliant vibrant colours.

Some people have said that 100% cotton is superior in quality to a poly/cotton blend. While this might be true in some circumstances, i.e. cheaper canvas...this is not the case with the canvas that we use! Our canvas is a heavy weight, 430gsm and has a lovely even texture as seen below:

   our canvas    our canvas

Our canvas has undergone extensive independent testing by 3rd party accredited laboratories and exceeds the standards of the Worldwide Fine Art Trade Guild for archival quality.

We have seen a lot of product out in the market that claims to be canvas, that is far from canvas, or of very poor quality. We know that the canvas that we use will stand the test of time, will not yellow and will show off your photos in the best possible way!

Do your photography justice and use the best!

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