canvart - printing your photos on canvas

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Once you have placed your order we will email you a proof of how your photo will look on canvas. Your proof will highlight a couple of things - namely where the photo will wrap around the frame, and any cropping/adjustments that we have made to your pic.


Once we have your photo, we will firstly assess whether it is appropriate for the size canvas that you have selected.

We will then check your photo to see if any colour correction is required and make any necessary improvements. Some examples of these are colour casts, over/under exposed photos and dust marks.
colour cast   colour fixed
If you have any specific adjustments/alterations that you would like made to your photograph then let us know. This could be anything from adding a person into a photograph, to removing a blemish on your photo.

The Proof

A proof will then be created to demonstrate how it will look as a finished print. This will show where your photograph will wrap around the frame; we want to make sure that you are happy with the final result, before any printing is done.

There are a few techniques that we can use when we print your photograph onto canvas. Depending on the detail in your photo and the size of your print, we may provide proofs for a couple of options.

The most popular method is to wrap the photo around the frame, as shown below. The area inside the red frame shows what will be on the front face of the print:

    wrapped canvas

For smaller prints, or photos that have detail close to the edge, we can wrap a plain white, black, or coloured border around the frame. This enables all of your photograph to be on the front of the canvas print.

    white border    black border 
    coloured border    coloured border

If you would like to keep your entire photo on the front of the print, but would prefer not to have a plain colour wrapped around, then we can do one of the following:

Stretch the edges
This is where we extend the edges of your photo around the side of the frame to make up the wrap


Mirror the edges
Here, the wrap consists of a refection of the edges of your photo.


Blurred edges
With this approach, the wrapped area is a blurred represenation of the surrounding area of the print.



By increasing the size of the final print, you will also increase the amount of detail that remains on the front of the print. There are some examples below of our picture in three different sizes, to show you the impact of increasing the size.
300 x 200mm
photo on canvas 

600 x 420mm

photo printed onto canvas

900 x 640mm
canvas photo

Last Step

We email the proof(s) to you and then await your approval before we carry out any printing. We are happy to make as many changes as required during the proof stage to ensure that you are going to be wrapped with the final result. No pun intended!

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